With your help, we can continue to improve the treatment of heart disease throughout Norfolk.

If you, a member of your family or a friend have been treated for heart disease at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, there is a good chance that the equipment has been donated by the Norfolk Heart Trust.

There are lots of different ways that a heart can go wrong, which is why heart disease is the single biggest cause of death in the UK every year.

Common problems include angina, heart failure, heart attack, abnormal heart rhythms and congenital heart disease (those that you are born with). The Norfolk Heart Trust's aim is to improve the quality and quantity of life for sufferers of all these conditions, making sure that they can be treated close to home, friends and family in an environment that is friendly and supportive.

To achieve this, we have run several fundraising campaigns, more details of which are below. This has allowed us to buy equipment such as heart scanners, ECG machines and monitors, as well as provide specialist training for doctors, nurses and other health professionals in the field of cardiac care.


The Norfolk Heart Trust launched the Sparks4Hearts Appeal in November 2010 to raise £400,000 to enable the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) to provide equipment to treat potentially life-threatening heart rhythm disorders with a procedure known as electrophysiology (EP).

Thanks to the hard work and generosity of the people of Norfolk, this has now been purchased and installed and the Electrophysiology suite opened in early 2013. Patients can now undergo EP treatment at the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital rather than having to travel to Papworth in Cambridgeshire. However, more equipment is needed to continue to develop the EP service, and your support can help us improve the care we offer even more.


This appeal was launched in 2005 and concluded in 2008, having raised £1 million to provide X-ray equipment for Coronary Angioplasty at the NNUH. We received generous donations from local Trusts, but a very substantial amount of this total figure was raised as a result of donations from individuals and small groups in sums of less than £500.
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Every pound you give to the Norfolk Heart Trust goes towards new equipment or training for the fight against cardiac disease.
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Your time is a valuable gift. Supporting us through events and sponsorship is a great way to get involved.
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  • Sparks4Hearts

    The Sparks4Hearts campaign has raised more than £400,000 towards new electrophysiology equipment at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital (NNUH).
  • Balloons4Hearts

    With Balloons4Hearts, we've raised £1 million for X-ray equipment at the Coronary Angioplasty department at the NNUH - our most successful campaign so far.

What things cost

Your donations can help us purchase vital equipment such as:

£500 for an ECG Event Recorder for patients to use at home when they get their palpitations, dizzy turns etc.
£1,000 for an AED (Advisory External Defibrillator) for a public place (such as a sports club)
£4-5,000for a more sophisticated External Defibrillator/Monitor for a hospital department
£60,000 for an Echocardiography (diagnostic cardiac ultrasound) machine